Shadow fight 1 Best Information Collected For Users

Shadow fight 1 is a fighting game. The developer of the game work very hard then makes a shadow fight game. The name of the developer is “Nekki“. The release date of the game is February 12, 2011.

 He makes the full series of the game. Game series will be increased day by day.  it’s like a ninja game where it will be an attack without using any weapons. The player will be played against the different players and compete with her.

 When you can win the game then get different Rewards and explore different features of the game easily. Different locations available for fighting you can easily see on the map.

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Shadow Fight 1

Shadow Fight 1 is available on Facebook in different languages like English, Russian, German, Italian, and Turkish. In the year 2015 month of March game will be closed and cannot available on the internet.

But in the next month of April Nekki announced the game and again the game will be available on the internet. Nikki creates their new account for shadow fight 1. In August 2017  Niki create their Facebook page name of page is Shadow Fight.

After that, the server of the shadow fight will be shut down in September 2017. After a few days when the player will be open the game when they get 900000 Rupees as a farewell gift. So the interest of the players in Shadow Fight 1 is more and more.

Shadow Fight game is very simple to control if you are new you cannot feel any stress. Only you can download the game and enjoy the battle. When you can install the game you can watch to turn off the game two turtle will provide more help when you can play the game.

When you can win the game you will get different rewards like coins, XP. Competition in the game is very hard it is not easy to destroy your enemy. Games produce more interest for the users. User experience on the game is very good players and more time in this game.

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